Communication School

The Public Sector Communication School is a free intensive training course for communication experts who work or want to work in the public sector, seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in building long-term communication strategies and implementing successful communication campaigns.

The intensive training lasts for three days and includes lectures, workshops and valuable networking.  Studying at the Communication School is an opportunity to pump yourself up and take a peek into the inner workings of communications professionals with years of experience.

The Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law launched its first Communication School in November 2019 and will continue this course twice a year.

At the Communication School, participants learn to develop media strategies, determine communication goals and map target audiences, communicate strategically, deal with crisis, work with central, regional and foreign media, write high quality and interesting texts, work with digital tools, and acquire a number of other important skills in communicating in the public sector.

The speakers of the Communication School include leading experts in the field of communications in the NGO sector, heads of communications agencies, independent consultants, heads of communications departments of large organizations, foundations, government agencies and political parties.

Employees of communication departments of NGOs, or those planning to work in the public sector, can participate in the School. Training is free. The organizers select participants based on the results of a competition. 

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