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Election Deposit During the National Elections: Ukrainian and International Experience

Maksym Khavrat, Taras Shevchenko Centre for Demoracy and Rule of Law The Constitution of Ukraine establishes the right of citizens to be elected to the state and local self-government authorities. At the same time, the Constitution of Ukraine also establishes certain restrictions for candidates at the elections. Those include age qualification, requirement of the residence, […]

GDPR and media: points of intersection

On May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation З2016/679 became valid in EU (here and after referred to as Regulation) which replaced Directive 95/46 which formerly governed protection of private individuals during processing personal data. Someone attributes to it a role of worldwide trigger which has to call global review of personal data processing […]

Building independent media through public service broadcasting: a case of Ukraine (policy brief)

Ukraine is struggling for independent media which provide objective and reliable information. While public service broadcasting (PSB) is seen as the solution for countries lacking objective media, Ukraine was only able to start its creation through the transformation from state media in 2014. After the establishment of the “UA: Public Broadcasting Company” in 2017, several […]

The Fight for Justice Is the Fight for Ukraine’s Future

Attempts to implement judicial reform in Ukraine in 2014 and 2015 have had no impact on the public’s level of trust in the judiciary; as of November 2016, four out of five Ukrainians did not trust the judicial branch. Foreign investors have a similar attitude; in a September 2016 poll, investors mentioned the judiciary as […]

Seven sins of the Supreme Court candidates

Within its campaign “CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary!”, CHESNO movement has analyzed all the candidates running for offices in the Supreme Court and prepared analytical reports on each of 653 candidates. In the course of analysis, the team of “CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary!” campaign has found information about some of the candidates which raises doubts whether […]

Decree on the Reform of State and Municipal Print Media: Next Steps

On November 23, 2016 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a Decree “On Approval of the List of Print Mass Media and Editorial Offices subject to reforming on the first stage” №848 (hereinafter – the List). The List includes 244 state and communal print mass media and Editorial Offices. Adoption of the List is […]

Journalists are Purposefully Persecuted in Ukraine

More than 120 media representatives suffered during the mass protests in Ukraine. They were attacked purposefully by representatives of authorities and unidentified people. MLI analytics on the issue

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