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Civic Initiatives

Civic Initiatives

Real positive changes in the society are possible only in case of union of society strivings in common initiatives and qualified coordination of common actions.

With this aim, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) actively participates in number of civic initiatives and, among other, coordinate some of them.


Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is a co-initiator of civic movement “Reanimation Package of Reforms” creation and provides it with institutional support. Reanimation Package of Reforms is a union of experts, activists, journalists, scientists, human rights defenders from fifty the most known Ukrainian think tanks and civic organizations. Together RPR’s participants develop drafts of laws, achieve their adoption and control implementation of reformatory laws.

CEDEM coordinates activity of RPR’s media reforms group. In particular, thanks to its efforts, the Law on Public Broadcasting has been adopted and public service broadcasting has to be created soon.


Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is also a co-initiator and active participant of civic movement “CHESNO” that controls activity and evaluates honesty of MPs and Government officials. This movement fights for publishing of MPs’ property declarations, personal voting in the Parliament, MPs’ participation in Verkhovna Rada’s sessions and committees’ work as well as extension of electors’ communications channels and MPs’ reporting on their work.

Particularly, CEDEM develops methodology of civic movement’s “CHESNO” activity, provides prepublication expertise of journalists investigation materials, with legal opinions and judicial protection, if needed.


With the aim to monitor the implementation of the legislation on access to public information, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law launches the “Platform “Ombudsman Plus” on access to public information. The project is carried out in a partnership with civic activists and in collaboration with the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

The project “Platform “Ombudsman Plus” contemplates, according to a respectively specially developed methodology, the creation and support of a system to monitor the state of observance of the legislation on access to public information in the regions of the country, through formation of the experts’ office of the Platform, which will be constituted of qualified lawyers and a system of regional monitors.

The purpose of monitoring is  to identify the typical problems that civic activists are facing in the sphere of access to public information and the cases of ambiguous interpretation of the law, and the systematic gaps in the mechanism usage of access to public information.


CEDEM takes part in civic movement “Stop censorship!” – initiative of Ukrainian journalists and media civic organizations that defends freedom of speech, prevents censorship establishment in Ukraine, interference with professional journalists activity and violation of professional standards during disclosure of social-political questions.

Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law provides movement’s participants permanent legal support and judicial protection.


Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law created and now is coordinating the Network of Defenders of the Right to Access Information. It is a union of lawyers and civic activists from the whole Ukraine that asserts that public information has to be fully provided by state authorities to citizens.

Network’s participants provide free judicial protection in case of violation of citizens’ right to information. All expenses, connected with judicial cases, are covered by Fund for Protection of the Access the Information Right, established by Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law.

Thanks to that Network is represented in different regions of Ukraine and its qualified coordination of activity, all Ukrainian citizens can protect their right to information in the court.


Open University of Reforms is the educational project of Reanimation Package of Reforms and Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, implemented with the support of Swedish Government. The project was presented on March 14 this year.

The aim of the project is to create critical mass of people who is willing and able to change the country. Our goal is to share the experience of successful reforms, provide participants with deep practical knowledge of law making, advocacy, journalism and mechanisms of civil society impact. We are preparing a network of activists and young reformers to become a driven force of structural change in Ukraine.


Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law supports a healthy way of living and implements “Smoke Free Kyiv” project in cooperation with “Smoke Free Ukraine” civic organizations coalition.

Cigarettes advertisement in public places was banned on legislation level with the support of “Smoke Free Kyiv” project. CEDEM’s lawyers were co-authors of respectful Ukrainian Laws. Now, Centre together with Coalition works on these laws’ implementation as well as embodies advocacy-initiatives on human health protection and promotion of healthy way of living.

Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law works on citizens’ union for solution of the problem as well as provides permanent legal support to “Smoke Free Ukraine” Coalition.

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Toronto Principles, the roadmap for Ukrainian reforms

On June 15, the press-conference «Toronto Principles as the roadmap for Ukrainian reforms» was held. The Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition held an event to approve the challenges and priorities for reforms in Ukraine for the next 5 years. The event included a presentation of a poll, dedicated to an opinion of Ukrainians about reforms. […]

Civil society, the Parliament, the Government and businesses agreed on a joint action plan

Joint priorities for the Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, business community and the civil society were discussed and agreed upon during the public forum “Full Mobilization: Joint Action Plan”. The event was organized by Reanimation Package of Reforms in partnership with Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law with the support of Sweden.  “In the year […]

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