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Reanimation Package of Reforms

Civic initiative “Reanimation Package of Reforms” (RPR) is a coalition, which brings together 73 leading non-governmental organizations and experts from all over Ukraine and is a coordination center for the development and implementation of key reforms in the country.

The main goal of RPR is to facilitate the implementation of reforms in Ukraine. The participants of the civic movement draw up draft laws together, lobby their adoption, and monitor implementation of the laws on reforms.

RPR consists of over 20 working groups, the activists of each of which have pooled their efforts on the particular reforms.

With the assistance of the RPR’s experts, the Parliament of VIIth convocation adopted 31 laws.

Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is the co-initiator of creation of the civic movement “Reanimation Package of Reforms”, CEDEM provides it with the institutional support and coordinates the Media Reform Group activities, thanks to which, particularly, the law on the public broadcasting service was adopted.

Experts of the civic movement “Reanimation Package of Reforms” have prepared a Roadmap of Reforms for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 8th convocation, which you can find here.

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Sweden becomes RPR’s biggest partner in terms of funding

To sustain the achieved results, support the ongoing reforms and the development of Ukraine’s civil society, Sweden endorsed additional financial support to the Reanimation Package of Reforms in the amount of 380 thousand dollars for a period of 12 months to allow continuity of the Coalition’s work effective 1 August 2018. “Civil society is a […]

RPR call on the Parlament to ensure proper financing of the Public Broadcaster

Recalling Ukraine’s commitments to the Council of Europe and within the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement on the necessity of finalizing the conversion of state-owned TV and radio broadcasting companies into a public broadcaster, the media reform experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms call on the Verkhovna Rada to ensure appropriate financing in order to complete […]

Reforms priorities and challenges of year 2017

Key reforms as well as making them sustainable and non-reversible were the topic of the Forum «Annual reform priorities: speeding the temps and providing the sustainability», which was held by the Reanimation Package of Reforms and Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law. Experts, civic activists and officials participated in the Forum. The event was […]

Taras Shevchenko is elected as Co-Chairman of the Council of RPR

Council of Reanimation Package of Reforms have held the regular election of rulers. Consequently, Taras Shevchenko, director of Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law and Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, CEO of Transparency International Ukraine, are elected as co-chairmans. Director of CEDEM have already held this post since January 2016. “I am grateful to members of the council […]

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