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Судові справи

“Ukrainian news” agency vs. State Department of Affairs

The case initiated by the “Ukrainian news” agency was supported by Fund of protection of the right to access information against the partial refusal to provide the requested information about the funding and expenditures on “Concha Zaspa” and “Pushcha-Vodytsia” state resorts. In 2015 the “Ukrainian news” agency sent a request for public information about the individuals who lived in “Concha […]

Oleh Bielov vs. Constitutional Court of Ukraine

This case was initiated against the refusal of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to provide the copies of the judges` declarations. In June 2013, Oleg Bielov has sent a request to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (hereinafter – the CCU) asking for the certified copies of declarations of the former CCU head A. Holovin and his […]

Media Law Institute vs. Central Election Commission

This case was initiated by Media Law Institute as a result of the refusal of the Central Election Commission to provide it the profiles of the candidates to the Parliament. In November 2014 Media Law Institute (now – Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law) appealed to the Central Election Commission with a request to provide it with the […]

Media Law Institute Represented the Case of Iryna Solomko in Court

The Apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine failed to provide information about the assistants of Members of the Parliament (MPs) of Ukraine to the journalist Iryna Solomko, whose interests Media Law Institute represented in the court. The court partially settled the plaintiff’s claim: in particular, the Court found that the refusal of the Verkhovna […]

Media Law Institute Represented the Interests of Oksana Kovalenko in the Court

2 October 2013 the journalist Oksana Kovalenko in writing requested the Apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to provide her with the information about either the official print publication of the Parliament where the declarations of the MP Oleksandr Yefremov were published or the website address of the official web-portal where this declaration can […]

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