Annotation.The Law of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic On Languages in Ukrainian SSR

June 13, 2005
The Law of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
On Languages in Ukrainian SSR
Date of Entry into Force:
January 1, 1991
According to the Law Ukrainian shall be the state language in Ukraine. Ukraine creates necessary conditions for
development and use of languages of other nationalities in the state. Languages of national minorities may be used together with Ukrainian in work of bodies of state power located in the places of compact residence of these national minorities.
Ukrainian, Russian and other languages may be spoken in Ukraine.
The Law guarantees Ukrainian citizens the right to use their national language or any other language.
Officials shall speak Ukrainian and Russian languages. Lack of knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian languages shall not be the ground to refuse employment of a citizen.
The Law prohibits language discrimination. It is also prohibited to grant any privileges or limit person’s rights by language criteria.
Ukrainian shall be the language of work, paper work and documents circulation of bodies of state power, enterprises, establishments, organizations in Ukraine. In places of national minorities habitation the national language of the majority of population of this or that territory may be used in paper work together with Ukrainian.
Technical and project documents in Ukraine shall be in Ukrainian or Russian.
 Official documents that certify person’s status(passport, work-book, documents on education, marriage certificate, death certificate) shall also be in Ukrainian and Russian.
In Ukraine in all spheres of citizens service Ukrainian or other language accepted by parties shall be used.
Legal proceedings in Ukraine shall be held in Ukrainian. In places of national minorities habitation legal proceedings may be held in the national language of majority of population of this or that territory. Notarial paper work shall be done in the same language as legal proceedings on this territory.
According to the Law free choice of language in education shall be inseparable Ukrainian citizens’ right. The right to be educated in national language shall be guaranteed to each child. This right shall be provided by creation of network of infant schools and schools educating in Ukrainian and other national languages.
In Ukraine education in infant schools, schools, vocational and higher educational establishments shall be in Ukrainian. In places of national minorities habitation education in the above mentioned establishments may be in Ukrainian as well as in national language of the majority of population residing on this or that territory. Pursuant to the Law studies of Ukrainian as well as Russian languages shall be obligatory in secondary schools.
Ukrainian shall be official language of mass media in Ukraine, but mass media may also broadcast in languages of other  nationalities.
Names of trademarks for goods and services given by Ukrainian applicant shall be in Ukrainian, if goods are sold and services are provided exceptionally on the territory of Ukraine.