Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) would appreciate any support you can provide.

You can send money to Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law. By making donations to Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, you contribute to the development and improvement of Ukrainian media, which the organization works for the benefit of.

Bank details for money transfer in UAH: 

Account holder name: CSO “Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law”

Recipient code: 33552196

Recipient Account Number: 26004301306672


Bank: JSC OTP Bank

Bank Address: 43 Zhylyanska st., Kyiv, Ukraine

Bank Post code: 01033

Bank codes: MFO 300528 Code 21685166

Payment description: Voluntary donation for statutory activities

If you send us a copy of a payment order marked by the bank and your contact details, we will primarily invite you to participate in our activities, including distance learning programs for journalists, and we will offer you the literature of the Centre.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

By email: info@cedem.org.ua

or telephone: +380 67 828 20 74