Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) is a think-and-act tank, which has been working in the civil society sector of Ukraine since 2005 channelling its efforts for development of independent media, support of civic platforms and movements, and building a legal state in Ukraine.

Our mission is promoting the development of the society of active and responsible citizens.

To achieve this goal we provide support and development for civic initiatives, implement education programs for different audiences, develop and advocate high quality law, protect freedom of speech, provide impartial legal expertise and advisement for journalists, work to implement government accountability and rule of law.

We value proactive position, responsibility, effectiveness in our work and impartiality. We are not waiting, but take the first step to make vital social problems actual, take responce to provide a plan of solution, advocate it and achieve the result.

Implementing our mission, we concentrated our work in three directions: the rule of law, independent media and civil society.

We have been working in the public sector of Ukraine since 2005, starting with a specialization in media law. Until 2016, we were called the Institute of Media Law. The evolutionary transformation of Medial Law Institute into Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is presented in 2-minute video here.