After the Fund`s request State Administration of Matters provided finance information

February 16, 2017

We have recently announced a successful case: the court obliged the State Administration of Matters (DFS) to provide information on the financing of Konchi-Zaspa and Puscha-Vodice.

But despite the fact that the court decision came into force, the administrators did not want to provide the information. And even more – one of their letters informed the requesting person that they considered such a decision illegal and did not intend to comply with it.

And only due to numerous complaints to the governing bodies and the troublesome work of lawyers of the Foundation for the Right to Access to Information, the administrators nevertheless provided information. This indicates that it is sometimes not easy for the petitioner (but it is possible) to get the information even with a legitimate court decision recognizing the right to access the information.

If you want to find more information about this case, see the link below: 

The decision of the court of first instance: 

Decision of the Court of Appeal: