CEDEM director Taras Shevchenko presented the RPR Roadmap of Reforms

October 13, 2016

New Roadmap of Reforms until the end of 2017 were presented by Taras Shevchenko, director of CEDEM and and co-chairman of the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR), during the roundtable discussion «Accelerating the reforms:  Reanimation Package of Reforms action plan»

Among the key changes, he marked seven priorities for the time until 2017

  • Anticorruption reform
  • Judiciary reform
  • Public administration reform
  • Self-governance reform and decentralization
  • Election system reform
  • Economic development
  • Law enforcement reform

The 70-page document proposes systematic presentation of key reform issues and tasks in various directions of state policy.

«We need to think systematically before propose something: form a common vision of a problem, a correct resolution, provide a legislative base and check the fulfillment of marked issues», – stressed Taras Shevchenko and added that not only laws improve changes. In addition, new laws doesn`t guarantee changes. Systematic reforming means concentration on changes.

In general, document includes chapters about every reform block, marking the problem to be fixed by the reform, key targets and comparison of current situation and planned state. Additionally, document marks a list of competent NGOs, ready to provide an expert, advocation  of information support during the implementation of reforms.

Among the TOP-events Taras Shevchenko named:

  • Founding of State Investigation Bureau, which will get the investigative powers from Prosecutors Office.
  • Independent implementation of Constitution changes in justice part, creation of new Supreme Court.
  • Civic society engagement in evaluation of judges and contests for vacancies in new courts through the Civic Benevolence Council
  • Creation of Supreme Anticorruption Court
  • Public Broadcasting system launch with providing of its independence
  • The honest contests for State Secretary vacancies in Government of Ukraine

«Many efforts are needed to protect the approved changes. We must prevent the undermining of e-declaration system, judicial and public administration reforms», – speaker mentioned.

You can download the RPR Roadmap of Reforms here: http://bit.ly/2cRL0Dy