Changes to the Law of Ukraine “On protection of personal data”

July 26, 2013

On the twenty third of July 2013 the President of Ukraine signed the Lawof Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine aboutimprovement of system of protection personal data”, No. 383-VII (Project of LawNo. 2836). It will enter into force on the first of January, 2014.

The Law introduces a number of innovations and specifications to the Lawof Ukraine “On protection of personal data”, to the Law that ratifiesConvention and to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative offences.

One of the main changes of the Law is exclusion of authorized state bodyon the questions of protection of personal data (State Service of Ukraine onPersonal Data Protection – note) from the list of subjects  and transfer of control functions to UkrainianParliament Commissioner for Human Rights. The system of personal database registrationis also liquidated and is changed by Ombudsman notice on processing of personaldata that contains special risk for rights and freedoms of subjects of personaldata.

State bodies and municipal bodies and also controllers that maintain processingof personal data that contains special risk have to define responsibledepartment (person) that organizes work, connected with protection of personaldata during their processing. Information about mentioned structure departmentor responsible person is reported to Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner forHuman Rights that provides its publication.

The Law gives new definition of controller of personal data as a naturalor legal person that define the aim of processing of personal data, determine datacomposition and procedure of their processing unless otherwise determined bylaw.

Also it givesnew definition of subject of personal data as natural person whose personaldata is processing.

The Law improves the list of rights of subject of personal data and thelist of obligations of controller connected with such rights; changes contentof Articles 23-25 dedicated to powers of Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner forHuman Rights in the sphere of personal data protection, providing defense ofpersonal data and limitation of Law force.

The innovation of the Law lies in change of exclusions and limitationsfrom it. Also it changes the Article 18839of Code of Ukraine on Administrative offences that foresees sanctions for breaching obligations regarding notificationand reaction on regulations of Ombudsman, violation of order of processingpersonal data.

To find thefull text of the Law of Ukraine “On Amendmentsto Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine about improvement of system ofprotection personal data”, No. 383-VII, please, follow the link: