CHESNO Movement Makes Candidates Open their Financing and Register a Law on Financial Reporting

May 25, 2014

Seeking to increase financialtransparency of candidates, we have first of all elaborated a relevant draft law within CHESNO civic movement, MLI is a part of, teaming-up withIFES-Ukraine.

As a result of its promotion and meetings with presidential candidates, the draft law was supported by 5 of them — Ms Bohomolets, Mr Grytsenko, Mr Poroshenko, MsTymoshenko, and Mr Tiagnybok; and, moreover, it was registered at the Parliament by 7 heavyweightMPs, under No4846.

In a nutshell, we suggest:

– obliging political parties to delivera detailed annual financial report to be assessed by the Ministry of Justice andpublished on its website;

– obliging candidates for the President/MPs/localelections to prepare interim financial reports on to be published before theelection day;

– introducing sanctions for reportingviolations.

This Law is now lobbied for underthe Reanimation Package Reform campaign.

In fact, by the election date, wemanaged to receiveinformation on funding of the leading candidates– Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Grytsenko, Tigipko, Bohomolets, andTyagnybok on 25.05– and this information was disclosed  beforethe date required by law (i.e. 18 days after the elections).

Enhancement of political parties` transparencyis the matter that CHESNO experts shall further deal with.

For more detailed information and infographics,please visit the CHESNO website:

Our activists announce interim resultsof the campaign to media, 23.04.2014: