Distance course “Access to public information”

September 11, 2013


Media Law Institute invites everybody who isinterested in questions related to access to information possessed by the Statebodies, to take a distance course “Access to public information”.


Distance course is aimed on journalists, editors andother media employees, and also on public activists and members of publicorganizations.

Form of education:

The course participants during three months will gettasks (texts for reading) by e-mail regularly. The course is composed of 7classes.

Control will be held in the form of final test.

After successful passing of final test, participantsget certificate about completing the distance course.

To become a participant of distance course it isnecessary to fill up a questionary: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YaVAY-1BgqYZu84MS45WjtX3jWcN_TbTNwlXmvC2MBE/viewform.

The group will be formed on competitive basis. The questionaryhas to be received by Media Law Institute untill 14th, September2013 (included).

You will be informed about the results not later than 17th,September 2013.

The distance course begins on 19th,September 2013.

You can learn about additional possibilities of becominga member of distance course on web-site of Media Law institute, by followingthe link: http://medialaw.kiev.ua/institute/Donate/.

For additional information about participation indistance course, please, contact Media Law Institute via e-mail: i_law@medialaw.kiev.ua,or via phone:(044) 496 05 80.