Draft Law on Public Service Broadcasting is Adopted in the first Reading

January 13, 2015

Today Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft of Law No. 1357 thatintroduces amendments into the Law on Public Service Broadcasting. It wasdeveloped with the participation of MediaLaw Institute and registered by Freedom of Speech Committee’s deputies.

Adoption of this draft law will help to resolve a number of barriers thatinterfere the start of public broadcasting in Ukraine.

Two hundred thirty deputies voted for draft’s adoption in the firstreading. Five deputies from the Opposition block voted against its adoption.

More information regarding the draft is available following the link (inUkrainian):


We remind that alternative draft of Law No. 1357-1, introduced by MP MykolaTomenko, was appraised by “Stop Fake” movement and Reanimation Package ofReforms’ media group, including Media Law Institute, as such that hamperscreation of public broadcasting. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine rejected thisproject.