Experts of Media Law Institute announced massive violations of electoral legislation in the media

October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012 Media Law Institute and the Institute of Mass Information within the Movement CHESNO (“HONESTLY”) held a press conference “Violations of the legislation on agitation and election coverage in the media.”

Performed speakers wereTaras Shevchenko, director of the Media Law Institute, and Olga Shalayska, Development Manager of the Institute of Mass Information. Experts described the most common violations of the legislation on agitation and election coverage observed in the media. Specifically, Taras Shevchenko drew attention to the fact that political advertising on television doesn’t always have information about who ordered it, despite the direct requirement of the law. Results of sociological research also often served without accompanying information specified by law.

Another common violation is that both print and audiovisual media do not distinguish between propaganda and news, and this leads to the voters being misled.