Failure to provide information on disclosure of declaration of Olexandr Efremov is appealed to the court

December 25, 2013

JournalistOksana Kovalenko is going to sue Secretariat of Verkhovna Rada because of its rejectionto inform the number of official printed edition of Verkhovna Rada of Ukrainewhere the declaration of MP Olexandr Efremov was published or to provide herwith address of official website where the declaration is put. The court claimis supported by the Foundationon Protection of theRight to Information Access, set up by Media Law Institute.

Secretariatof Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine rejected journalist in providing her withinformation and pointed out that inquired information was not received or createdin the process of executing by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine its powers. But suchposition of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine contradicts with laws of Ukraine. Thus,representatives of Oksana Kovalenko filed a claim to the District administrativecourt of Kyiv with the demand to recognize such rejection of Secretariat ofVerkhovna Rada of Ukraine invalid.

This caseis supported by the Foundationon Protection of the Right toInformation Access, set up by Media Law Institute with the support of International Renaissance Foundation