How to Get to Parliament Session: Step-by-Step Guide

November 24, 2014

Finally, Ukrainians can attend Parliament’s sessions easily. TheInstruction of Speaker of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine’s No. 694 as of October 27,2014 guarantees access to the open plenary meetings. Its text was publishedrecently on the official web site of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


As noted earlier, the Instruction appeared after Media Law Institutetogether with web-source editor Alisa Ruban filed a suit on nonfeasance ofVerkhovna Rada’s speaker. Thus, in April VRU’s Regulation was amended – fromthat time citizens had the right to get in the Parliament freely. However, thisright was not realized as if absence of special Instruction of VRU’s Head.


The possibility for all Ukrainians to get into the Parliament will arisetogether with the opening of the first session of VII Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine’sassembling.


So, here’s the instruction on how to get into Parliament’s plenary meeting:


Step 1: Fill in on-line application on the official web site of VerkhovnaRada where, among other, you point out a date of wanted visit to theParliament.


Step 2: Wait for the confirmation that has to be sent on the e-mail,pointed out in the on-line application.


Step 3: Receive personal guest pass for the Parliament’s visit. Passes aregiven free of charge in the pass bureau. You have to have a document thatcertifies the identity with you.


Step 4: Go to the Parliament in the day that pointed out in the pass. Donot forget to take a pass and a document that certifies the identity with you.