Information in the State`s possession

September 22, 2011

On  September,22 2011 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted on second reading the Law of Ukraine “OnAmendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Infringements regarding Enhancementof Responsibility for violation of legislation on protection of classifiedinformation that is publicly owned” (bill number 8490, CMU) .

The law, if signed by the President of Ukraine will increase 10 times theamount of fines for violation of legislation on state secrets – to citizensfrom 10 to 30 u.m.c.i., and with officials – from 30 to 100 u.m.c.i.

For violation of the registration, storage anduse of documents and other media that contain confidential information held bythe State penalty is increased 20 times and will be for citizens – from 20 to40 u.m.c.i., and for officials persons from 60 to 160 u.m.c.i.

Note that the phrase “information, which is owned by the state” doesnot comply with the Law of Ukraine “On information” in the newedition of which was canceled Institute of ownership of information. Offers of MPAndriy Shevchenko on the coordination of the title and the provisions ofArticles code to new information laws were rejected as inconsistent with st.116Rules of Parliament.