International organization “Article 19” is against Laws, adopted on January, 16

January 21, 2014

The adoptionof this restrictive law would be a step back from the progress Ukraine hasachieved since its independence more than 20 years ago.

On 16January Ukraine’s parliament violated its own procedures and hastily adoptedDraft Law No. 3879 without debate or discussion, and with only a show ofsupporting hands, counted within a few seconds.

Law 3879claims in its title to cover general legal amendments, the judiciary, and the‘security’ of citizens, but buried inside are draconian restrictions on thefundamental rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association. Underthe guise of ‘stabilisation of the country, the protection of theconstitutional order and security of citizens’, it severely restricts theability of people to protest peacefully, limits media freedom and hampers thework of charities.

Law No. 3879on ‘Making Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status ofJudges” and Procedural Laws on Additional Measures for Protecting Security ofCitizens’ is in contradiction with Ukraine’s commitments under the EuropeanConvention of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil andPolitical Rights.

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