Is censorship coming back? New attacks on media freedom in Ukraine

September 22, 2011

OnSeptember 26, 2011 the side-event on the topic of freedom of expression will take place withinthe OSCE/ODIHR Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM).

Will Ukraine continue to support freedomof expression or will recent negative trends continue? Since 2004 the climatefor freedom of expression in Ukrainehas generally improved, but in recent years there have been disturbing changesfor the worse. Media freedom in Ukraineis under threat with renewed legal and physical attacks on the media. Ownershipof media outlets lacks transparency and activists fear a further decline inmedia freedom.

ARTICLE 19, International MediaSupport and Media Law Institute present this event to examine recentdevelopments in Ukraineand consider the ways in which censorship is returning. The discussion willalso seek to highlight perspectives and necessary actions for the futureimprovement of freedom of expression in Ukraine.

The event will take place at 13.15,26 September 2011, Meeting room 2, Sofitel Victoria, Warsaw.