Media Law Institute began informal meetings of media experts

October 31, 2013

Yesterday,on the 30th of October, Media Law Institute organized informalmeeting of media lawyers and media experts for discussing and sharing ideas in thepub-club “Kupidon”.

We are surethat regular personal interacting of experts in the field of media is veryimportant for sharing experience and generating ideas that concern solution ofpublic problems in the area. That is why MLI intends to support periodicalmeetings for urgent media problems discussion, experts community creation and forsupport of permanent communication between them.

The first meeting was dedicated to theinfluence of Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine on the Ukrainianmedia area.

Among discussed questions there were:

– effectivenessof preparation to the signing of Association Agreement between the EU andUkraine (AA) according to the recommendation of OSCE/ODIHR and in the frame ofEU-Ukraine Association Agenda;

– theplot of Association Agreement: directions of cooperation between parties of theAgreement and international-legal obligations of Ukraine, connected with media area;

– necessarysteps regarding regulatory approach to the EU law: part 14 Information Societyand 15 Audiovisual policy of AA.

Members of the meeting pointed out urgentdirections of media experts work in connection with this topic as well asrelevant obligations that Ukrainetakes on itself in the frame of Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.