Media Law Institute presented results of the monitoring of retail availability of tobacco advertising

October 22, 2012

During September-October 2012 volunteers of the “Smoke-free Kyiv” initiative and NGO “Life” monitored 116 stalls, shops and supermarkets in Kyiv. More than 300 similar outlets were surveyed in Sumy, Donetsk, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy and Crimea. According to the monitoring results, the majority of trading establishments reacted with responsibility to the implementation of the law and completely eliminated the advertising posters and other promotional products. However, on many street windows cigarettes are shown on the background of bright posters, within the backlight that is stimulating sales.

The purpose of monitoring is to evaluate the level of presence of tobacco advertising and tobacco brands in the field of sales after the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine № 3778, which completely prohibits tobacco advertising (“On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the prohibition of advertising, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco products “).

For the research there have been selected different types of cigarette outlets: supermarkets, kiosks, minimarkets/shops. In Kiev monitoring covered all administrative districts. A total of 6 cities of Ukraine volunteers surveyed 412 outlets.

Monitoring in Kiev showed:

– 100% of outlets have eliminated direct advertising of cigarettes from storefronts and checkouts;

– 61% of retail facilities eliminated the sales promotion of tobacco products from display cases and checkouts.

In general, the results of monitoring in 6 cities:

– 98% of outlets have eliminated direct advertising of cigarettes from storefronts and checkouts;

– 58% of retail facilities eliminated the sales promotion of tobacco products from display cases and checkouts;

– 79% of outlets violate the law on placing price information on a separate sheet 30×40 cm

– Our monitoring has shown that the general law prohibiting advertising is being implemented. Nevertheless, we noted certain violations. For example, 42% of surveyed outlets in Ukraine (mostly kiosks) didn’t dismantle means of promotion on the display cases: backlighting of display cases and even entire outlets, mini lightboxes with “backspin” of cigarette packs, colored glossy posters to highlight cigarettes among other goods, and the use of posters with distinctive shapes and lines that are the same as on the cigarette packs. All of this is a violation of rules banning cigarette sales promotion. – Explained the director of the Media Law Institute Taras Shevchenko. – Also, we recorded that in many establishments of trade cigarette prices are available on most packs, which is also a violation of the rules of law regarding the placement of price information on a separate sheet. And in some cases, price tags cover medical warning. We hope that the regulatory authorities will pay attention to it.




– In Ukraine, the consumer, in particular that of tobacco products, endowed with certain rights protected by the Constitution, which are designed to provide familiarity with the products he/she wants to buy. The purpose of this information, including demonstration on the display case – is to report available product range, consumer characteristics, the value of the goods at the price tag and information about the manufacturer. Thus, both appearance and packaging of tobacco products must fit completely within the law. So putting cigarettes on display cases for advertisement is a no, – said Serhiy Orekhov, head of the State Inspection of Ukraine on protection of consumer rights.

– We are very satisfied with the results of monitoring, which showed that workers in trade treated such useful innovations for consumers with understanding. We hope that further danger from the advertising and promotion of tobacco products will not threaten Ukrainian consumers, – said Irina Nazarewicz, First Vice-President of Ukrainian Federation of consumers “Pulse”.

– It is necessary to understand that advertising prohibition in the field of sales is one of the most effective provisions of the new law, and which produced the most resistance to tobacco lobby. Implementation of this rule has been and remains important as it is an effective way to make tobacco less attractive, obsessive and socially-acceptable product. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of smoking, – said Andriy Skipalsky, coordinator of the project “Smoke-free Ukraine”, NGO “Life”.

Monitoring was carried out by volunteers: Students of the National Medical University named after Bohomoltsia, Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv National Trade and Economics University and others. Also, such activists joined the monitoring as the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Ukrainian Federation of consumers “Pulse” (ПУЛЬС) and a number of other community organizations, members of the coalition “For a smoke-free Ukraine”. Volunteers were previously acquainted with the law and instructed. Each participant studied the corresponding point of sale and filled in questionnaire.



September 16, 2012 The Law № 3778-IV regarding the prohibition of advertising, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco products came into force. From now on advertising of tobacco products in Ukraine is prohibited not only on radio, television, print media and outdoor advertising media, but also on the Internet, in stores and kiosks, as well as sponsorship and promotion.

We remind you that by the end of 2012 two antismoking laws come into force: on October 4 in Ukraine new packs of cigarettes will appear with special color imaging effects of smoking, and on December 17 smoking will be prohibited in all public and workplaces, including all public catering establishments.

“Smoke-free Kyiv” is a project of the NGO “Media Law Institute”, coalitionist “For a smoke-free Ukraine”. NGO “Life” works to unite the efforts of the public, community activists and community advocates to implement systemic changes in tobacco control in Ukraine.

For more information, contact: Olena Dub, coordinator of “Smoke-free Kyiv”, tel: +38(068) 340 03 33 / SmokeFreeKyiv;