MLI Conducted a Seminar on Media Law for Journalism Lecturers

December 15, 2014

Media Law Instituteunder the support of the Swedish Government conducted a two-day seminar for journalism lecturers on current medialaw issues in Kyiv on December 13-14, 2014.

Considering the rapiddevelopment of legislation in the field of media law, drafting and adoption ofnew fundamental laws, a dissemination of information about novels of medialegislation among future journalists requires particular relevance. Therefore,the actualization of journalism lecturers’ awareness about the processesoccurring in the field of media law is extremely important. 

The aim of the event wasto improve knowledge of journalism lecturers in media law and to provideassistance in development teaching courses.

23 lectures fromdifferent regions of Ukraine who teach media law attended the seminar in Kyiv.     

Within the event thefollowing topics were discussed: access to the public information (writinginformation requests, novels of the Law of Ukraine No 1170, court practice,etc.), mitigation of defamation risks and the respective court practice, publicbroadcasting in Ukraine and current issues of media reform. The participantsexpressed activeness in discussions, and a special interest was attracted to alecture “Photo and video recording rules” that provided useful aspects forpractical journalists.

The event was conducted by Media Law Instituteunder the support of the Swedish Government.