MPs voted for the Russian Movies’ Ban

February 6, 2015

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraineadopted the Law “On amending certain legislative acts ofUkraine on television and radio space of Ukraine securing” (draft No. 1317).

The new Law foresees the banfor distribution of movies produced in Russia as well as those that propagandizelaw-enforcement bodies, armed forces, other military or other forceful units ofRussian Federation. The Radical’s party amendment regarding full ban of Russianmovies that was not supported previously by the relevant committee, was votedfor during project’s review on the plenary session. But these amendments willnot touch those movies that were produced before 1 August 19991.

Except that, State Agency ofUkraine on Cinema Questions will also reject in certifying movies’ distributionin which persons, included in the List of persons that create threat fornational security, take part. Administrative-economic liability for illegal distributionand demonstration of banned audiovisual works is also foreseen (penalty at therate of 10 up to 50 minimal salaries for the first and for every further timeof such distribution and demonstration respectfully).

The final text of the Law isnot published, but You can find the cart of its draft, following the link: