National Commission for Moral Protection is wanted to be liquidated once again

February 6, 2013

On the 31stof January 2013 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine registered Draft of the Law onamendments to the Law of Ukraine“On Protection of Public Moral” (regarding state supervision; Draft No. 2142).

Filled Draft, developed by Ministryof Justice of Ukraine on execution of the Decree of President of Ukraine “Onoptimization of system of central executive bodies” (No. 1085 as of 09,December, 2010) by which Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was authorized to “solvequestion regarding liquidation of National Expert Commission for Public MoralProtection (hereinafter – “National Commission”) in accordance with establishedprocedure”.

According to the explanatorynote to the Draft, the necessity of National Commission’s liquidation lies in doublingof its powers and powers of Ministry of culture of Ukraine, State Committee onTelevision and Radio Broadcasting as well as powers of National Council ofUkraine on questions of Television and Radio Broadcasting that finally lead to misunderstandingbetween these bodies.

That is why, authors of theDraft proposed to exclude from the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of PublicMoral” norms that define status, fundamental principles, powers and functionsof National Commission (Articles 17-19) and also to amend other Articles of theLaw where National Commission is mentioned (Articles 2, 8, 9, 11-13, 15, 20). Thus,according to the Article 15 of this Draft, state supervision on adherence ofdemands of the Law and legislation in the sphere of public moral defense is doneby central executive bodies that provide formation and realize state politicsin information and publishing spheres, in the areas of culture, healthprotection, education and science, state customs affaires, Ministry of InternalAffaires, General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, National Council of Ukraineon questions of Television and Radio Broadcasting in the frame of theircompetence.

Note, that this Draft hadbeen registered in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, but it had not been considered.

The card of the Draft is availableat: in Ukrainian).