New Governance Model of the Reanimation Package of Reform

December 24, 2015

24 December 2015 24 organisations took part in the first session of civil society organisations – members of the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR).

The most respected organizations in the RPR organisational structure were selected by rating voting by the main experts of the groups and the heads of the directions of the Secretariat of the RPR.

From now on, the Assembly of the civil society organisations (the composition of which has already increased at the first session to 46 organisations) is the highest body of the RPR. The highest body forms the Council of the RPR and defines the Strategy of the coalition. The Council of the RPR was also re-elected. The director of Media Law Institute and the expert of  the RPR was also re-elected to the Council. Thus, the Council of the RPR consists of:

  1. Taras Shevchenko, the director of Media Law Institute;
  2. Ihor Koliushko; Centre of Policy and Legal Reform
  3. Iryna Bekeshkina, the director of “Democratic Initiatives Foundtion”
  4. Vitaliy Shabunin, the head of the Anticorruption Action Center;
  5. Oksana Nechyporenko, the coordinator of the initiative “Go Global”;
  6. Oleksiy Khmara, the executive director of Transparency International Ukraine;
  7. Inna Borzylo, the executive director of Centre UA;
  8. Viktor Taran, the head of the Center of Political Studies and Analytics;
  9. Mykhaylo Zhernakov, the key expert of the RPR group of “Judicial Reform”
  10. Glib Vyshkinskyi, the executive director of the Center of Economic Strategies;
  11. Oksana Velychko, the director of the ethnographical complex of “Ukrainian Village”;
  12. Mykola Vyhovskyi, the manager of the RPR group of “Administration Reform”;

DSC04222There was actually re-foundation of the Reanimation Package of Reforms and the formation of a clear, logical and coherent governance model. This model corresponds to the best governance practice for non-governmental sector, which we have mastered through the collaboration with the international partners and especially with the Embassy of Sweden. The Reanimation Package of Reforms is the most successful coalition of the civil society organisations, since the independence of Ukraine; I am convinced that the new governance model will bring the RPR to new heights and achievements, and will breathe a new life into the RPR,” – stated the director of Media Law Institute, and the member of the Council of the RPR, Taras Shevchenko.