Ombudsman received control powers in the sphere of personal data

January 8, 2014

Starting from the first of January 2014 Ombudsman received control functions in the sphere of personal data protection in accordance with the Law “On Introduction of amendments to legislative acts of Ukraine regarding improvement of system of protection of personal data”. According to the changes that came into force in the beginning of the year, Ombudsman has the right to conduct inspections on the basis of received claims or on its own initiative, to issue obligatory demands aimed on prevention or rectification of cases of law violence, to give recommendations on practical implementation of legislation, to draw up a protocol on bringing to administrative responsibility and send them to the court, to have access to any information (documents) of holders or disposer of personal data, includinginformation with restricted access ect.

A number of regulatory acts was adopted to provide execution of these rules. For more details, please, follow thislink