Parliament adopted denationalization of mass media in the first reading

September 20, 2013

On the nineteenth of September 2013 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine consideredand adopted as a basis renewed draft of Law of Ukraine “On Reforming of Stateand Municipal Mass Media” (draft No 2600 as of 10, September, 2013).

This draft was introduced to the Parliament as a consequence of April’s decisionof VRU Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information.

Draft No 2600 as of 10, September, 2013 foresees denationalization ofstate and municipal mass media in two stages. The first stage (voluntary) providesreformation of print mass media and editorial bodies according to the list ofCabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and State Committee of Television and Radio. Thesecond stage foresees reformation of print mass media that were not reformedduring the first stage (obligatory denationalization).

Mykola Tomenko, a Head of Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information,stated that if the Law comes into force on the 1st of 2014, than thevoluntary procedure of denationalization is going to be done till 1, January,2015 and obligatory – from 2015 till 2017.

Reformation of mass media is going to be executed in one of four ways.Three of them foresee exit of state executive bodies, other state bodies andmunicipal bodies from number of founding members of print mass media andeditorial bodies. The last way provides transformation of central executivebodies into official editions.

Decision on reformation of print mass media and editorial bodies isgoing to be made by their founders, involving labour collective (staff). Thelast will have a priority right in determination of the way of reformation.

Draft of the law No 2600 as of 10, September, 2013 was given forshortcut preparation to the second reading what means that amendments andproposals to the draft can be given during 7 days from the day of respectful decision.After this it will be given for consideration to the Parliament.

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