INITIATIVE 11 for protection of whistleblowers in Ukraine kicked off

May 29, 2015

On 27 May 2015, the coalition of NGO’s and civic activists from Media Law Institute, Centre UA, Anticorruption Action Center, Ukrainian League of Lawyers for Corruption Combating and Blueprint for Free Speech announced the start of the “INITIATIVE 11” advocacy campaign on strengthening the protection of whistleblowers in Ukraine. Every person, who discloses information on acts, dangerous for society, or generally of public interest, can be a whistleblower.

The members of the initiative declared their intent to prepare and advocate the draft law, which will create real possibilities to protect whistleblowers in Ukraine.

Future draft will be built on the following principles:

  • ​ wide definition of persons, protected by this law;
  • anonymity guarantee for the persons, who report about the violations in the authority;
  • creation of reliable channels for information disclosure;
  • guarantee of whistleblowers protection from the repressions on their workplaces.

At the presentation of the initiative the Representative of the Ombudsman on access to information Iryna Kushnir underlined that “INITIATIVE 11” will receive all the necessary support from the Ombudsman of Ukraine. Yehor Soboliev and Serhiy Leshchenko, the MPs who were present at the presentation, also expressed their readiness to support the legislative mechanisms of whistleblowers protection, which will be collectively produced by the society.