Public service broadcasting

June 15, 2009

On June 12, 2009 the Draft Law on Public Service Broadcastingwas considered by the Parliament of Ukraine but itdoesn’t meet with the members of Parliament support.  As a result of voting only 202 members ofParliament promoted the Draft Law which is to say that the Draft Law isexcluded from consideration. That is the second failure of the Draft Law on PublicServiceBroadcasting since 2005. MP Andriy Shevchenko whoregistered the Draft already stated that he will rework the draft and willregister it in Parliament in autumn.

Also Media Law Institute cooperated with the Presidentand the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. The the Security and DefenseCouncil had internal meeting in July on information security. PSB was one ofthe topics there. Taras Shevchenko participated in the meeting and had a speechon PSB in Ukraine.The formal meeting of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine headed by thePresident of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko was scheduled several times duringsummer, participation of the MLI representative was planned as well. It wasrescheduled due to changes in Presidents plans and finally took place onSeptember 12.