Regulation on Ministry of Information Policy is Published

January 21, 2015

Finally, Regulation on Ministry of Information Policy was published on theweb site of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This Regulation determines maintasks and powers of newly established Ministry. “Legalregulation in the sphere of securing of information sovereignty of Ukraine”, supportof freedom of speech, programs on Ukraine’s worldwide positioning,methodological work and mass media investigations are among them.

Coordination of central executive and municipal bodies’ activity oninformation issues, methodical cooperation with journalists and educationalinstitutions as well as participation in development of programs and eventsregarding Ukraine’s worldwide positioning are also included into main tasks ofthe Ministry.

Ministry of Information Policy also has to “support freedom of speech inUkraine”, interfere into plans and programs’ preparation of specialists in thesphere of information policy, maintain monitoring of Ukrainian and foreign massmedia and investigate mass media’s influence on public opinion.

The text of Regulation on Ministry of Information Policy is available onthe Cabinet of Minister’s official web site in Ukrainian (Regulationof Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 14.01.2015 No.2 “Questions of activityof Ministry of information policy of Ukraine” that enacts Regulation onMinistry (in Ukrainian).