Sergey Leschenko appeals to ECHR violation of the right to acquire information regarding constitutional submission

November 22, 2013

On thefifteenth of November 2013 the claim concerning violation of the right of thefreedom of expression (particularly the right to receive and spreadinformation) was brought to the European Court of Human Rights at behalf of SergeyLeschenko.

The groundsof the claim lie in the rejection of Constitutional Court of Ukraine to give ananswer on Sergey Leschenko’s information request and provide him with the copyof constitutional submission of 51 MPs of Ukraine as of 16, October, 2012regarding regulatory review of the Law of Ukraine “On the Principles of StateLanguage Policy” to the Constitution of Ukraine. The answer of ConstitutionalCourt was suited to the court of the first instance. It recognized that thetext of the constitutional submission contains information for internal use andpersonal data of citizens. On these grounds the court of the first instancerejected in satisfaction of the suit. Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal disagreedwith such decision and satisfied Mr. Leschenko’s appeal claim and recognized illegalreferring of required constitutional submission to the information with limitedaccess. But representative of the defendant filled cassation appeal that wassatisfied by High Administrative Court of Ukraine on the 30, May, 2013 whatmeans that the decision of the first instance was upheld.

Thus,exhausted all possibilities of defense on the national level, Sergey Leschenkoclaimed to the European Court of Human Rights. His interests in the Court arerepresented by Eduard Markov. This case is supported by Protection of Right to InformationAccess Foundation.