The fourth International Media Law Summer School in Kyiv carried out with support from IMS

August 4, 2008
16 media lawyers, representatives of CIS countries, successfully completed a special training course at the IV International Media Law Summer School, organized by the Media Law Institute (NGO, Ukraine) with the support of the International Media Support and Internews Network

International Media Law Summer School is a three-week intensivetraining course for media lawyers and media managers focused on themost essential media law issues, such as: freedom of expression andfreedom of information, protection of honour, dignity and businessreputation, regulation of TV and radio broadcasting, regulation ofInternet, respective international and European standards and inparticular: principles and rules provided for by the EuropeanConvention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedomsand the relevant case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

The 2008 Media Law School gathered media lawyers from six CIScountries: Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine.

Summer School organizers involved well-known international andUkrainian media law and media development experts to perform astrainers at the event. Particularly, Summer School participants had achance to gain knowledge and experience from the lawyers and expertsrepresenting the European Court of Human Rights, the ARTICLE 19 -Global Campaign for Free Expression, the OSCE Project Coordinator inUkraine, leading Ukrainian TV broadcasters and other institutions andorganizations. Training sessions combined both lectures and practicalworkshops including a small moot court competition.

Media Law Summer School not only creates a unique opportunity forthe CIS media lawyers to learn about international media law standardsand latest trends in the field but also serves as a platform forcross-cultural discussion and experience exchange: students areencouraged to speak about their own professional activities and medialaw practice in their countries.