The Law on public broadcasting was once again put aside

September 20, 2013

On the nineteenth of September, 2013 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considereddraft of Law of Ukraine “On Public Television and Radio Broadcasting”, No.1076, presented by Government of Ukraine.

The draft No. 1076 foresees founding of National Public Television andRadio Company of Ukraine (NPTRCU) with departments of Public Television andPublic Radio, supervisory authority – Supervision Council, executive body –Board of Directors and control body – Revision Commission.

The main aims of new public broadcaster are going to be:

objective, full and up-to-date informing on the most important socio –political and economic events in Ukraine and abroad;

promotion of consolidation of Ukrainian society;

development and strengthening of Ukrainian language and culture,promotion of development of languages and cultures of national minorities;

satisfaction of informative, culture and educative problems, informing peopleabout extraordinary situations that pose a threat for life or health of peopleect.

The draft was given for thesecond reread because of number of inconsistent norms. These aspects touch, forexample, possibility of distribution of commercial advertisements by publicmass media, reorganization of national company into public and also procedureof formation and composition of Supervisory Council. Except this, such questionas independence of financing of public broadcasting remains important, as,according to deputies proposal it has to be foreseen in separate line of Statebudget.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave the draft of the law No 1076 to the Committeeon Freedom of Speech and Information for amending according to the shortcutpreparation that means that amendments and proposals to this draft have to be givenduring 5 days.

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