The main phase of the on-line course on access from CEDEM experts has come to the end

May 29, 2017

2250 listeners and a level of success higher than the average worldwide – with this conclusion ended the active phase of the on-line course ‘Access to Public Information: A to Z’. It was established by the experts from the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law: Vita Volodovska, Tetiana Oleksiyuk and Ihor Rozkladay. At the same time, new students will also be able to complete the course in full, even after completing this phase.

The course of lectures is published on Prometheus web platform with free access. Among their topics is a general overview of the Law ‘On Access to Public Information’, the procedure for filing requests, access regimes for information, appeals against violations, etc. During the active phase, students could ask questions for lecturers and carry out practical tasks from the authors of the course.

At present certification participants are undergoing training: 195 students have already received diplomas. At the same time, the level of success rate was 8.7% – for comparison, the average rate for online courses is 5%.