The OSCE mission report of human right violation in Ukraine

May 22, 2014

The OSCE mission found numerous (many) cases of right violation inUkraine, and made a report on basis of which.

The report was made on the base of observation of experts from theOSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights during a period from 6March to 1 April and according to observation of several the OSCE HighCommissioner on National Minorities delegations from 8 March to 17 April. Thereport is divided on two sections that consist of findings and assessment.

It was found that the main groups,which were subjected to human rights violations, were patriotic activists andjournalists who were persecuted by armed groups. This mainly happened in theCrimea and eastern Ukraine.

They were harassed, intimidated, committed acts of violencein the form of physical violence, kidnapping and even murder.In the Crimeawere also committed human rights violationstotheUkrainianmilitary personnel,their familiesand members of theCrimean Tatar community.Especially vulnerablegroup ofviolationswereCrimeanTatarsand ethnicUkrainians,which whom the government does notwishtoconsult onresolvingsensitiveissuesto thepublic, that creats an atmosphere oftensionand distrust toauthority.