The SFS appeals against the court order requiring a response to a request

June 21, 2017

For more than a year, community activists from ZOGO “People’s Defense are trying to get a copy of the tax audit certificate of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Clinical Hospital. It is known that this verification revealed a violation of its budget funds.

First, the State Fiscal Service refused to provide a copy of the act to a public organization’s information request, citing limited access to such information. As a result, the applicant had to challenge the illegal refusal of the information manager to court.

Decisions of the courts of the first and appellate courts were recognized – the requested information is public, and the refusal of the SFS to provide information is unlawful. These decisions made the administrator obliged to re-examine the request and provide a response in accordance with the Law ‘On Access to Public Information’.

However, obviously reluctant to provide information, the SFS seeks to cancel the court’s decision in the cassation proceeding.

At present the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine initiated the proceedings. Legal support to the case in all instances is provided by the lawyers of the Foundation for the Protection of the Right to Information.