The Sixth International Media Law Summer School

July 27, 2010

Anannual three-week long InternationalMedia Law Summer Schoolwas conducted by MLI for the sixth time. This year the school united 22 participants from 8countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova,Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Duringthree weeks (5th to 23rd of June 2010) the students ofthe school have studied the issues of TV and radio regulation, privacyprotection, freedom of expression, access to information, litigation practicein defamation cases, regulation of informational flow in the Internet, legalcontrol over electoral agitation, public morals protection, intellectualproperty rights etc.

Along withtraditional lectures the participants took part in thematic events. Forinstance, on the 6th of July they joined an expert seminar onconcentration of media ownership; on the 14th of July – a roundtable on the guarantees of editorial freedom of broadcasting companies’journalists; on the 20 th of July – a round table on denationalization ofpress. Finally, on the 22nd of July the students discussed conceptsof the future public service broadcasting in Ukraine on the round table,organized by the Public Council within the National Council of Ukraine onTelevision and Radio.



Moreover,the students paid a visit to the Supreme Council of Ukraine (they had anexcursion there and a class with Andriy Shevchenko, the Head of theParliamentary Committee for the Freedom of Speech and Information), as well asto the Ministry of Justice, where the students attended a lecture of YuriyZaytsev, the Government Agentbefore the European Court of Human Rights.

This yearamong the participants of the school were scholars, practicing lawyers and lawstudents from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan and Georgia. In particular, there were scientists from the V.N.KarazinKharkivNationalUniversity and TajikNationalUniversity, practicingattorneys, Ukrainian lawyers from “Pilot Studio”, Ukrainian Banks Associationand Business Radio Group. The school greeted foreign participants fromthe Social Initiative of Internet Policy (Kyrgyzstan), Association of Young Lawyers ofGeorgia (Georgia), The Centre for Legal Support of Media and Journalists in Dushanbe,International Centre for Non-Commercial Law, Bureau on Human Rights and Observance of Lawfulness (Tajikistan). Students of Kyiv-MohylaAcademy took this training too, as wellas the representatives of some other companies.

Thelecturers on this year’s summer school were Boyko Boev, Article 19’s lawyer(London, Great Britain); Jeremy Davidson and Troels Larsen, media law expertsfrom London, Great Britain; Olena Dmytrenko, European Court of Human Rightslawyer (Strasbourg, France); Vasyl Paliyuk, Mykolayiv Regional Appellate Courtjudge and a candidate of legal sciences; Alexey Minbaleev, South Ural StateUniversity lecturer and a candidate of legal sciences (Chelyabinsk, Russia);Andriy Shevchenko, MP of Ukraine and the Head of the Parliamentary Committeefor the Freedom of Speech and Information; Taras Shevchenko, Media Law Institute director, andother Ukrainian and foreign media law experts.

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