Ukraine is a “Leader” in a Number of Suffered Journalists – Reporters without Borders

December 16, 2014

According to the report of “Reporters without Borders”, Ukraine came aheadin the number of kidnapped, attacked or arrested journalists in 2014.


In Ukraine, during 2014, 33 journalists were kidnapped – that is even morethat in Livia (29) and Syria (27), 47 journalists were arrested (in Egypt – 46,Iran and Nepal – 45 in each case), 215 journalists were threated or attacked(Venezuela is next in the list with the number of 134 journalists).


“Reporters without Borders” name Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luganskregions) together with Iraq, Syria, Livia, Pakistan and Columbia among five themost dangerous spots for journalists in the world. In addition, it is pointedout that local journalists on occupied territories are in the most danger –they are permanently threatened, censured, their editor offices are ransacked.


“Reporters without Borders” refer attacks and threats against journalistsand threats to the Maidan times. At the same time, at its point of view,arrests of journalists mostly refer to combat operations are where journalistsare apprehended in offhanded manner without any explanations separatists aswell as representatives of Ukrainian authorities.


According to the “Reporters without Borders” information, 66 journalistswere killed in the whole world in 2014. In Ukraine there were six killed whatmade Ukraine the third in the world. The situation is the worst in Syria (15killed journalists) and Palestine (7). “Reporters without Borders” includedIraq (4) and Livia (4) to the “the five most deathful countries”.