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Ukraine`s Government abolished the State Service on Personal Data Protection

On 16 September 2014, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Optimization of the System of Central Governmental Authorities” went intoforce.  One of the measures provided by the document is abolition of the State Service onPersonal Data –an institution that has temporarily performed supervisory functions over theobservance of legislation in the field of the personal data protection, inparticular, it handled registration of the data bases with personalinformation. 

In July 2013, some amendments were passed to the Lawof Ukraine «On the Personal Data Protection», which abolished the procedure of registrationof data bases, and relevant supervisory functions overthe observance of legislation in this sphere, including  receiving messages on processingof personal data,  were transferred to the Ombudsman. Changes took effect in January 2014, however, the State Service continued to existwith indefinite  powers for more than half a year and only now shall be finally abolished.

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