Usage of Budget Funds and State Insurance Funds are Going to Be Transparent

February 11, 2015

MPs adopted the Law “On Transparency of Public Funds Usage” (draft No. 0949). The draftof the Law is aimed on providing public access to the information on usage oftaxpayers’ public funds, in particular, state and municipal budget funds,credit resources, funds of state and municipal enterprises, National Bank,Pension Fund’and other state special-purpose funds.

The Law obliges respectful information disposersto publish information on planned and factual usage of public funds, inparticular regarding agreements, business trips etc. on special Singleweb-portal of public funds usage regularly (quarterly or annually). Access tothe mentioned resource has to be open and free-of-charge.

Even more: the new Law determines thepossibility to “re-use” such information because data has to be published, inparticular, “by means of public funds placement in the form of database set(electronic documents), organized in the format that allows their automaticprocessing by electronic means (automatic reading) with the aim of re-usage onSingle web-portal of public funds usage”.

Mentioned Law extends the possibilities ofcitizens to access to public information on usage of taxpayers’ public funds.Thus, the Law “On Access to Public Information” straightly guarantees onlyopenness of information on disposal of state and municipal bodies’ funds aswell as on budget funds, opened for private subjects. At the same time, forexample, state and municipal enterprises are not obliged to publish informationon administration of funds that they obtain from their economic activity ifpublic interest in such data spreading in every single situation is not proved.

You may find the draft of law, prepared for thesecond reading by following this link: