Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Appointed Minister of Information Policy

December 3, 2014

On December, 2 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed personal composition ofnewly created Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


Among others, deputies voted for appointment of Yuri Stets as a minister ofinformation policy of Ukraine.


At the same time, new minister’s powers sphere is still indefinite becausethe Regulation on the new ministry was not released to public at the moment ofvoting. For example, division of competence between new ministry and StateCommittee on television and radiobroadcasting that executed functions of bodythat provided formation and realization of state policy in television andradiobroadcasting, information and publishing spheres is still unclear.


We remind that Ministry of Information was once acting in Ukraine, but in1999 it was transformed into State Committee on information policy andafterwards united into State Committee on television and radiobroadcasting.