Verkhovna Rada voted for the start of public broadcasting

May 19, 2015

On 19 March Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On public TV and radio broadcasting of Ukraine”. The Draft №1357 aims at removing obstacles, which interfere real start of reforming state TV and radio companies in one public broadcaster, and significally increased guarantees of independence of National Public TV and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine.

The first attempt to implement public broadcasting in Ukraine, made on 1997, did not succeed, however, the Council of Europe in its resolutions constantly emphasized on the importance of implementing the broadcaster, independent from the state. Besides, development and implementation of the public broadcaster is the obligation of active authorities according to the Coalition agreement, and it is one of the steps toward  the implementation of the Association Agreement with EU for Ukraine.

The main changes, approved by the parliament, are represented on the infographics below:



MPs also voted for rejection of amendment on the right of Committee of VRU on the issues of freedom of speech to provide opinions on candidates to the Supervisory Board of the public broadcaster, who are appointed by the parliamentary faction. The proposals of MPs Mykola Tomenko and Andriy Hordeev on creation of separate radio broadcaster and maintenance of status of state TV and radio broadcasters of oblast did not find the support.

The text of the Law in the version of the Draft of second hearings is available at: