VI Open University of Reforms has started

October 9, 2017

The Open University has begun preparations for the sixth recruitment of the young reformers. Within three months, the participants of the educational project will attend lectures, seminars and trainings conducted by the experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms, public activists, journalists, and politicians. In addition, the participants of the Open University will have 100 hours of internships in organizations that are members of the RPR. Other learning formats, including discussions and public lectures are also planned. The purpose of this course is to provide active young people with the knowledge and skills for the participation in reforms and building the country.

Louise Morsing, First Secretary of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, congratulated the Open University’s team with the opening.

“We are very happy to cooperate with you, because you are the driving force of the reforms in Ukraine, so I’m glad to be here,” she said.

Olga Siedova, the Head of the National Programs of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, advised the project participants to train with the maximum benefit and not to leave the reform path:

“You are starting a deep and hard work on reforms, and I advise you to get as much knowledge and new acquaintances on this path, and in the future I hope to see you in the reformers’ team. I wish you to change your life and go out in a new capacity,” Olga Sedova said.

The Open University is a way to convey the experience of public sector to the youth, noted Nataliia Yevchenko, Deputy Director of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law

“The Open University’s participants are people who have already gone a long way and are eager to move on. And we are ready to support them. The project gives you the opportunity to learn more about reforms straight from the source, hear about the successes and obstacles in the work of the reformers. I am very happy we can share this experience with you.”

She also urged the Open University’s participants not to turn backward from their beliefs and always defend their own opinion.

According to Mykhailo Zhernakov, the main expert of the RPR court reform group, the participants of the Open University are the future of Ukraine and they must realize it.

“The Open University it is more than 200 active people who are making changes already here and now, working in the authorities and the public sector. And that’s great, because changing the country at one point will not work, it’s a long process. I am confident that you will find friends with whom you will make the country better. Learn, read, but think with your own head, because only you can made the right choice for you,” he advised.

Artem Myrgorodskyi, head of the RPR Secretariat, called on participants of the Open University to gain experience and new knowledge

“The Open University is not only new knowledge and acquaintance, but also a great opportunity to look from the inside at the work of the public sector. It is an opportunity to lay the foundation for an understanding of how civil society works, because it is now stronger than ever. Here you can find yourself. I wish you enjoy this and gain valuable experience.”

The first day of the new Open University continued with the lecture of Acting Minister of Health Uliana Suprun. As an example of her own work at the Ministry of Health, she told the audience about the role of leadership in the public work, the formation of your own team and ways to convey your thoughts to the society. Uliana Suprun also answered the questions of the audience: both with regard to her own public activities and with regard to the medical reform.


The training day has finished traditionally – with an informal celebration.

The Open University is a joint educational project of the Reanimation Package of Reforms and the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law.

The project is implemented with the support of the Government of Sweden.