Celebrating the 7th Anniversary of the Project ‘Chesno. Filter the Judiciary!’

The initiative of the Project ‘Chesno. Filter the Judiciary!’ was launched in 2016, within the CHESNO Movement, when judicial reform was beginning in Ukraine. 

We will tell you about the list of areas that our team has been working on for seven years:

  • Monitoring of competitions for judges to the Supreme Court and the High Anti-Corruption Court
  • Monitoring of the qualification assessment of judges
  • Analyzing candidates for vacant positions of members of the High Qualification Commission of Judges and the High Council of Justice
  • Database of judge profiles
  • Regular examination of judicial reform.

In 2023, we continue to monitor the judiciary reform, because even in times of war we see that the issue of judicial integrity is more relevant than ever. Unfortunately, judges still appear in criminal proceedings, demonstrate unethical behavior, and some of the ‘servants of Themis’ betray Ukraine by cooperating with the enemy. We hope that an active civil society and righteous representatives of the judiciary are able to achieve the results for which reforms are being implemented and fight for independence is continuing on the frontline.