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CEDEM lawyers will assess the current state of the reform of print media

Second stage of the reform of print media have started from January 2017 in accordance with the Law on Reforming of State and Communal Print Mass Media. During this stage, which will continue in the years 2017-2018, all state authorities must be excluded from the founders of print mass media as well as from editorial offices. Among these […]

Reforms of Kyiv Mass Media: Media Law Institute Lawyer Advises the Kyiv City Council

Recently members of the Kyiv City Council approved the city target program “Informational Kyiv” for 2016-2018. On the request from the members of the Kyiv City Council, the Media Law Institute has examined the draft program to ensure that it complies with the Law of Ukraine “On Reforms of State and Municipal Print Media”. The […]

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Decree on the Reform of State and Municipal Print Media: Next Steps

On November 23, 2016 Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a Decree “On Approval of the List of Print Mass Media and Editorial Offices subject to reforming on the first stage” №848 (hereinafter – the List). The List includes 244 state and communal print mass media and Editorial Offices. Adoption of the List is […]

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