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Lab Trained the Activists in Berezhany

Last week the experts of the Lab Ihor Kovalyk and Olha Mazayeva conducted a training of the anticorruption school “Lab of Active Citizens” in Berezhany, Ternopil region. The training was initiated and assisted by the participants of the Lab Halyna and Mykola Protsiv. 15 civic activists took part in the training. The deputy of the […]

Lab Participants Held High-profile Anti-corruption Investigations in Regions

17 successful projects were selected and presented their results to their fellow activists during the Forum on July 1-2, 2016. Presented work confirmed that the problems in the country exist and many of them need to fight. To give an idea of what concerned in Ukrainian regions, here are some topics of presented projects: land […]

48 Regional Trainings Organised in Ukraine

The third and last module of the Lab ended after organizing 48 one-day regional trainings. More than 300 regional activists nationwide have successfully completed the training of Lab of Active Citizens and mastered the mechanisms of combating corruption in reforming the housing sector, as well as how to avoid legal risks when publishing journalistic investigations. […]

Regional Activists are Determined to Combat Corruption

More than 120 activists from 5 regions in Ukraine have successfully completed the training of Module 3 of Lab of Active Citizens. During the last week, the active citizens of Dnipropetrovsk (June 6), Kharkiv (June 7), L’viv, Odesa (June10), and Mykolaiv (June 11) regions have mastered the mechanisms of combating corruption in reforming the housing […]

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