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International Media Law Summer School

International Media Law Summer School is an annual professional educative program for lawyers, who aim at getting profound knowledge of wide range of questions concerning freedom of speech and information, mass media activities, protection of honor, dignity and goodwill, protection of private life of a person, TV and radio broadcasting.

The school was created for practicing media lawyers and senior students if law faculties, who expressed their intention to work in media law sphere.

During three weeks participants of media law school study issues of regulating of TV and radio broadcasting, protection of private life and freedom of speech, access to information, practice of considering the disputes on defamation, regulation of dissemination of information through the Internet, protection of public morals, copyright and so on.

Particular attention in the educational program is given to the European standards in the media law sphere, in particular, to the European Convention on Human Rights and to practice of European Court of Human Rights.

Since 2005, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law carried out 12 media law summer schools. During this time, 282 alumni of 11 countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland – studied at school.

In different years, International Media Law Summer School was supported by International Media Support, “Internews Network”, International Renaissance Foundation and the Council of Europe.

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XIII Media Law Summer School finished successfully

XIII International Media Law Summer School successfully finished. 21 media lawyer from 5 countries received their diplomas after the three-week studying in Summer School – educational project from Centre for democracy and rule of law. During this time, participants from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrhyzstan undergone lectures from leading Ukrainian and foreign experts. This […]

XIII International Media Law Summer School Started

  Today the 13th International Media Law Summer School started – a three-week course of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law for Media Lawyers. For three weeks, 21 participants from 5 countries will undergo an intensive media law course. The program of the Summer School includes the issues of ensuring freedom of speech […]

XII International Media Law Summer School

Today Center for Democracy and Rule of law (Media Law Institute) has launched XII International Media Law Summer School in Kyiv. 28 participants from 7 countries of the former Soviet Union space came to Kyiv for three weeks to study media law. Lectures and practical workshops will be concluded with the model of court hearing […]

MLI held XI International Media Law Summer School

XI International Media Law Summer School closed on 24 July. This year it gathered together 24 participants from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Not only was the composition of this year’s participants international, but the composition of the trainees as well. Together with Ukrainian lecturers, guest experts from USA, United Kingdom, […]

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