417 claims regarding access to public information: CEDEM summarized annual work of claims constructor

December 11, 2018

417 submitted claims concerning access to public information were made by citizens using online-constructor of claims. Thus, complainants could independently interpose an appeal in a court as for illegal rejects of requests. This is the annual progress of claim constructor developed by CEDEM.

Online tool for help to create claims has started its work on December 11, 2017. It is intended for those who were rejected in providing public information on request. In order to create document complainants does not need special skills and knowledge and spend funds on lawyers` services. Service works as interactive feature: requester have to enter information to the corresponding fields about court, suppliant and respondent as well as information which should be provided to him together with the reason of reject. User can both to choose one of options and describe own issue. At this some fields are obligatory to fill in in order to complainant not to miss important items without which request will be rejected. On the basis of data constructor forms a claim ready for submission to the court.

In addition, service has links to explanations which allow for compliant to determine the court which claim should be submitted to, which amount of court fee should to pay as well as help to find the grounding of illegality of reject which could be added to the claim.

Thus, online constructor provides opportunity for everyone independently and free of charge prepare a claim. Indeed not only journalists and lawyers face with lawless rejects but also average citizens. As example, townsmen who want to find out about how the city budget is used. However, protection of right for access in a court requires a lot of time and money for paying lawyer services who will put in a claim. Earlier this barrier could force a man to put up with violation of own rights.

As for most widespread types of violations, claimants interpose an appeal of reject based on limited access to information in 177 of 417 claims (e.g. disposer calls it confidential). Reject due to presence of personal data in information is the second issue by broadening stated in 89 claims. 62 claims concerns disposers who claimed that information is not public or created (so it should not be provided). In 49 cases more citizens disagree with answer «Respondent is not disposer of information and has no rights and liabilities to provide information».

CEDEM will further support the work of constructor. You can use it at our site here.