CEDEM Presented Results and Recommendations, Developed as a Part of the Project “Ombudsman Plus”

May 31, 2016

For over six months as a part of the project “Ombudsman Plus” a large-scale monitoring effort was conducted in all regions of Ukraine concerning the state of compliance with the law on access to public information. Local project monitors observed the work of regional bodies and local bodies of regional importance, as well as that of Regional State Administrations.

As a part of this project, monitors filed more than 700 requests (including repeated ones) for all types of public information, visited 40 sessions of local and regional bodies, and researched the organization of work in special locations, that were created by administrators to handle requests for documents directly related to the administrators.

In the analysis of the results of the monitoring, experts of the project not only identified most of the current problems with access to public information faced in their regions, but also provided the necessary recommendations for public information administrators.

The main results of the monitoring and ratings of administrators of information are outlined in the presentation.

(Presentation of results of the monitoring from the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law in Ukrainian) 


For more detailed results of each wave of the monitoring, as well as recommendations developed based on these results, please see the following links (in Ukrainian).



Ratings of administrators of information are compiled below as a result of all waves of the monitoring (in Ukrainian):  

Ratings of local bodies

Ratings of regional bodies

Ratings of Regional State Administrations